Team Derevyanchenko and Alvarez commented on sanctioned fight

Команды Деревянченко и Альвареса прокомментировали санкционированный бой

Saul Alvarez

Eric Gomez and Keith Connolly at the different views on the Derevyanchenko fight and Alvarez.

The decision by the IBF to sanction the fight mandatory Challenger for the title of Middleweight Sergey Derevyanchenko and champion Soulja Alvarez caused a different reaction in teams of boxers.

So, the promoter of Alvarez, Eric Gomez believes illogical to fight with the Ukrainian, who lost to Jacobs, given that Alvarez won the fight Daniel.

“You know what surprised? And liked it… that this time we have not received a congratulatory letter from the IBF, as is customary. There were letters from Mauricio Sulaiman and the WBC. There was a letter from Gilberto Mendoza and WBA. And from the IBF, there was nothing…

The decision by the IBF… Look, we just defeated Danny Jacobs, and we are told to fight the guy who defeated Jacobs… sometime next week we will have a meeting with Alvarez. Then we’ll decide what to do next. I don’t know what to say soul,” said Gomez.

Manager Derevyanchenko Keith Connolly promised to work out the best plan of action jointly with the Ukrainian and his promoter.

“Now, after the IBF ordered us to start immediate negotiations, we will meet four: Sergey, his adviser al Haymon, his promoter Lou DiBella and me. Together to discuss the most effective and the best plan of action,” said Connolly.

Recall that in the previous game Derevyanchenko beat Jack Kulka.

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