Team Ukraine won three medals at the European Championships in shooting

Сборная Украины выиграла три медали чемпионата Европы по стрельбе

The Ukrainian team took the world championship gold medal

Dariya Sharipova noted in individual and team competitions.

Ukrainian women’s team in shooting includes Darya Sharipova (615,5 points), Lesi Leskiw (608,01) and Natalia Kalnysh (608,7) got gold medal in team competition shooting prone from 50 meters.

In addition, in the standings Darya Sharipova took the second step of the podium, losing only to the representative of the United Kingdom.

Another medal was won by Paul korostylev, Denis Kushnirov and Vladimir Pasternak in a command performance in the high-speed shooting from a pistol, where they won bronze medals.

Earlier, the Ukrainian young Paul korostylev won gold in individual and silver in the team competition at the European Championships in Baku.

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