Telegram can transmit intelligence data on terrorists

Telegram сможет передавать спецслужбам данные о террористах

The messenger Telegram added to its rules the ability to pass intelligence information about terrorists at the request of the court.

From now on Telegram can transmit intelligence information about terrorism suspects at the request of the court. This is stated in the updated version of the privacy policy of the messenger, reports on Tuesday, August 28, edition Code.

“If Telegram gets a court order confirming that you are suspected of terrorism, we may disclose your IP address and phone number of the respective intelligence services. While this has not happened. If such a case happens, the information will be posted on the channel”, – stated in the rules.

While that Telegram can transmit intelligence data of other users of the messenger, there’s no rule.

We will remind, in July of 2017, the Creator of the messenger, Pavel Durov said that “not a single byte of your personal data will never be shared with any government.”

13 April 2018 Tagansky district court of Moscow has accepted the decision to freeze the messenger for failure to comply with the FSB on the provision of access to the correspondence users. After that, Roskomnadzor started blocking messenger in Russia. This was blocked millions of IP addresses that the Telegram used to bypass the lock.

Earlier in the Roskomnadzor said that the recent attacks were coordinated via Telegram.

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