Telescope TESS accidentally shot the flight of the comet

Телескоп TESS случайно снял полет кометы

NASA has published a video which shows the recently opened passage of the comet.

Telescope TESS, who is known as the hunter of exoplanets, happened to catch the comet. While the device set up the equipment at the Earth’s orbit, he did a series of shots.

On these shots and filmed the passage of comet C/N1 2018. The video appeared on the official NASA channel.

Comet C/2018 N1 was opened a month ago, orbital infrared telescope NASA. She is about 48 million miles from Earth, which is about one third the distance from the Sun.

In the video, much as the tail of the comet changes its direction due to the solar wind.

Earlier the idea of the Mask is about the conquest of Mars, NASA has called unrealistic. We will remind, on the eve of the opposition of Mars with the Earth, NASA has revealed new pictures of Mars and Saturn

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