Television channels do not allow the air to APU review about the explosions.

Телеканалы не дают эфир для комментариев ВСУ о взрывах - Генштаб

The General staff accused the TV that they did not give it air

In the Armed forces say that the first time I face such a situation. Previously in such cases, the phones were “hot” from calls.

The General staff said that some Ukrainian TV channels delayed the broadcast for the review of the Armed forces concerning the emergency situation at Ichnya. This was at the briefing on Tuesday, October 9, said the representative of the General staff of the Armed forces Bogdan Senyk, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“The first time we faced, when you call on the inclusion of one of the national channels, and there is, quote: sorry, it does not fit in the air”, – said Senik.

He also noted that earlier, in such circumstances, with 4-5 in the morning the phone was “hot” from calls and comments.

“The other channel too. Called editor, which deals with the inclusion of live broadcasts, waited an hour, had no information. After about 1 hour and 43 minutes comes with air – this, in particular, and 112 were observed. Only then, for the third time, when we got through, and only then, was the inclusion,” – said Senik.

The representative of the General staff noted that such actions are “incomprehensible”.

“I’m grateful for this pause, for understanding and objectivity, as reason to panic, except for use in a manipulator order no. We provide all information about the course of events”, – said Senik.

As reported, the explosions on the territory of 6 Arsenal in Ichnia began on the night of October 9.

Burn five ammunition depots, the fire captured 10% of the technical territory of an Arsenal. The General staff said about the explosions.


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