Ternopil police were robbing people at the train station

Тернопольские полицейские грабили людей на вокзале

Ternopil police caught looting

The police forced people to “pay off” for not bringing them to justice.

The police station at the railway station of Ternopil under threat of prosecution had taken the people’s money, gold ornaments, mobile phones and other valuable property. This was reported on the website of national police.

Among the exposed group were employees of Department of criminal police and Department of prevention Ternopil police Department at the age of 27-37 years.

Discovered on the platform or at the station of the persons drunk, drinking alcohol, Smoking in an inappropriate place in a condition of narcotic intoxication or without documents, the police took them to the police station and threatened one or another article of the administrative or criminal code, forced to “off”. If money a citizen had not, he offered to “leave” mobile phone, jewelry or other valuables. In most cases, the police just took away the property of citizens.

The operatives of the internal security of NHRIs together with SBU under the procedural management of Prosecutor’s office of Ternopil region, documented five facts of robberies committed by exposed police officers. On these materials the Prosecutor’s office initiated criminal proceedings, which are later combined into one.

Security forces carried out the authorized searches in a residence and services the above groups of police. During the events of the seized rounds, signal flares, mobile phones, owned by the injured passengers, purse with documents of the victim, unsolved criminal and administrative materials 1.1 thousand US dollars and 28 thousand hryvnias.

Currently, two police officers have already declared suspicion in Commission of crime under part 2 of article 186 of the criminal code of Ukraine. The court filed the petition for election of a measure of restraint in form of detention. For their actions the defendants face imprisonment for the term from 4 till 6 years, – is spoken in the message.

We will remind, last fall at the Central railway station of Kiev conducted a special operation to arrest five of the patrol that attacked traveling citizens and robbed them.

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