Tests of manned spacecraft SpaceX failed

Испытания пилотируемого корабля SpaceX провалились

Crew Dragon has not passed the final test

Crew Dragon, which the astronauts will fly to ISS, has not passed the final test firing of the emergency rescue system.

During testing, the engines of manned spacecraft Crew Dragon, created for missions to the International space station, have any emergency situation, according to SpaceX on April 20.

“The initial tests were successful, but during the final failed on test bench”, – said in a statement.

The final test firing of the emergency rescue system took place in the territory unit of the U.S. air force, which is at Cape Canaveral.

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For the test-firing was to follow the test flight, planned in the beginning of June and consists in starting the emergency rescue system after about a minute after the start of the carrier rocket Falcon 9.

It must prove that the capsule can save the crew even at the moment of maximum aerodynamic drag, and is one of the last tests before receiving approval from NASA to the placing of astronauts on the spaceship.

SpaceX, together with NASA are investigating the incident. Other items the company reported. The first manned flight of the spacecraft can be moved to the end of September or beginning of October.

Previously, the TASS source in the space industry reported that tests of the Dragon Crew are delayed. Because of this, he said, NASA asked the Russian space Agency to move the launch date of the Soyuz spacecraft the MC-130.

Recall that in early March, the Crew Dragon, developed by Elon musk to deliver astronauts to the ISS first went into orbit and successfully docked with the station in automatic mode.

Now the crews of the station sends only the Russian Soyuz rockets, and the success of ship Mask threatens to turn into multi-million losses for the Russian space industry which is already suffering due to sanctions.

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