Than a useful social network for business? Free online conference SMM Day

Чем социальные сети полезны для бизнеса? Бесплатная онлайн-конференция SMM Day

May 20, on the free online conference Day WebPromoExperts SMM experts will tell you how to increase your brand awareness, get instant feedback from consumers and correctly an advertising company in social networks.

On conference will feature case studies of restaurant “Prague”, the media “Our Kiev”, “Pandora” and “PepsiCo”. And representatives of the social networks Vkontakte and YouTube will share new features and advertising opportunities for business.

The format of the event

  • 11 reports with practical examples, case studies and personal experiences;
  • 11 hours of live broadcasts with the best specialists in SMM;
  • 1 round table with discussion of important topics and answers to questions;
  • 1 English section with the participation of foreign experts, who will share their experience in the field of SMM.

The program

  • “What brought us SMM for the year? Case WebPromoExperts”. Olga Onikienko (WebPromoExperts);
  • “YouTube for business. Opportunities and formats”, Alex beh (Google);
  • “Effectively use targeted ads Facebook” Sergey Shcherbakov (marketing specialist and SMM);
  • “Vkontakte. Tools and case studies”, Natalia Yakunina (Vkontakte Ukraine);
  • “Gray methods and how to deal with them. Botnet. Who uses and why it is not necessary so” Vladimir Galika (SPN Communications Ukraine);
  • “The definition of the target audience and a portrait of her”, Eugene singer (Fedoriv);
  • Round table: Trends and tendencies in the social. networks”, Vladimir Galika, Sergey Shcherbakov, Dmitry Vakulyk;
  • “Creatives and adaptation of global creative. Cases Pandora and PepsiCo”, Dmitry Vakuliuk (Engine);
  • “SMM for the restaurant business. The case of the Prague restaurant”, Sergei Vitchev (“Prague”);
  • “10 key errors in Instagram by examples”, Sergey Poltorak (“Character growth”);
  • “How to engage in the local community 230 000 people?”, Oleg Nobr (“Our Kiev”).

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The Agency WebPromo and Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts.


The event is free, but to participate you must register on the conference website. After the conference, the registered listeners are sent the recording and presentation of the reports. Also, participants will get gifts from sponsors and partners of the conference.