The 2017 world Championships: Russia outplayed Denmark, Czech Republic pressurized Norwegians

ЧМ-2017: Россия уверенно обыграла Данию, Чехия дожала норвежцев

To your attention the results of matches of the fourth round of the group stage of the ice hockey world championship 2017.

Team Russia won a landslide victory over Denmark with the score 3:0 in the match of group stage of the world championship on hockey.

The first 20-minute period with no goals scored and in the second period to 70 seconds, was abandoned just three. Distinguished Bogdan Kiselevich, Sergey Plotnikov and Nikita Gusev.

Thus, the Russian team has scored already the fourth victory and, with 11 points, heads the group A. the Danes with two points located on the penultimate place.

Russia – Denmark– 3:0 (0:0, 3:0, 0:0)

Washers: 1:0 – 35 Carpenters (Telegin, Andronov); 2:0 – 35 Kiselevich (Kucherov, Panarin); 3:0 – 36 Gusev (Dadonov, Kucherov).

In a parallel match of group In the Czech Republic in overtime managed to put the squeeze on Norway.

In regulation time neither team failed to score a goal. The fate of the match was decided in overtime when Yang kovari brought victory to the Czech team.

Thus, the assets of the Czech Republic and Norway on seven points, but additional indicators, the Czechs are in third place, and the Norwegians fourth.

Czech Republic – Norway – 1:0, FROM (0:0, 0:0, 0:0)

Washer: 1:0 – 61 Kovari (Arts, Pastrnak).

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