The accident on the Titan: soil samples deteriorated

Авария на Титане: пробы грунта ухудшились

Because of the accident on the Crimean Titan in the Kherson region polluted soil

For five days, the quantity of sulphates and chlorides in the soil of villages in the Kherson region has increased dramatically. In some cases, twice.

The number of sulfates in the soil sample, which was taken on 5 September in six closest to the Crimea villages in Kherson region has increased. On Tuesday 11 September, the press service of the State ecological Inspectorate.

It is noted that in some cases, the amount of sulphates has doubled since the early trials that were made on August 31.

“In comparison with the samples taken on 31 August 2018 in the village Pershokostiantynivka (point No. 3), the content of sulfates has increased from 78,2 mg/ cubic DM to 119,32 mg/ cubic DM, near the well of drinking water on the territory of the village Council Preobragenskogo (point No. 2) the content of sulfates has increased to 312.8 mg/ cubic DM to 617,4 mg/ cubic DM, chloride – 46,15 mg/ cubic DM to 103 mg/DM”, – stated in the message.

According to the state ecological inspection, compared to last year increased the contents of sulfates in the sample is also selected near the checkpoint Kalanchak.

Earlier it was reported that the drive in Armyansk fall asleep lime. The situation with emissions after a stop Crimea Titan normalized.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has stated that they intend to apply to the OPCW for emissions in the Crimea.

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