The actions of radicals do not receive adequate assessment of “the Ukrainian choice”

The country had a crime wave with weapons from the zone ATO, in the state party.

The attack in Zaporozhye on the leader of the “Union of left forces” Vasily Volga – even one fact, testifying that opponents of the current government subject to persecution. “And such facts abound. Supporters of the “Ukrainian choice” during peaceful protests in Lviv, Kiev, Kharkov, Nikolaev and other cities were exposed to physical violence”, – is spoken in the party statement.

In the “Ukrainian choice” reminds that the city Council has become an arena of confrontation between deputies and the masked men, whose identities were never determined. The TV channel “Ukraine” radicals filled with red paint, threatening the workers that “there will be blood”. Political experts jump out from the window – all these events only last a few days, stress in political power.

“The country was flooded by a wave of crime, and crimes are committed with the use of arms and equipment, brought from zone anti-terrorist operation. Parties to an armed conflict and activists protest increasingly used by local and Central authorities and criminals as obedient power, the legislation itself does not limit and remaining unpunished. This situation destroys the legal foundations for the existence of the Ukrainian state and is a direct threat to the national security of the country”, – declare in “the Ukrainian choice”.

In the party stress that all the facts of violent acts of radical groups are not adequately assessed even at the local level, not to mention the emergence of the national program of counteraction to political terror.

“Obviously, the danger of radicalism, its negative impact on economic, social and public spheres of life of the state is enormous and may even exceed the harm that the country is corruption. But if the problem is corruption of the Western “curators” at least say something about the violence prefer to remain silent, if it were a matter of course,” said the authors in the party.