The agreement on the TPP approved in 11 countries without US participation

Соглашение о ТТП одобрили 11 стран без участия США

A new agreement signed TPP without the United States

Delegations from 11 countries at the Congress in Japan agreed to sign a trade agreement TRANS-Pacific partnership without the participation of the United States.

The Ministry of economy of Mexico has announced the achievement of a new, Comprehensive and progressive agreement for a Transpacific partnership among 11 countries, according to RIA Novosti.

“Today in Tokyo, the chief negotiators of the 11 countries participating in the Comprehensive and progressive agreement for the TRANS-Pacific partnership, agreed on previously unresolved issues, thereby achieving the final text of the agreement,” − said in a statement released by the Department.

We will remind, at a meeting in Tokyo of a delegation from 11 countries agreed on 8 March in Chile to sign trade agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP) without the participation of the United States.

Under the TTP plan to create a free trade area in the Asia-Pacific region.

Parties to the agreement be Canada, Mexico in North America, Peru and Chile in the South, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam in Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Note that Pacific countries account for 40% of the world economy and a third of world trade.

The TRANS-Pacific partnership was negotiated in October, 2015, and included 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including the United States.

The agreement was signed in February 2016 after a seven-year negotiations but not yet ratified and thus not yet entered into force. One of the goals of the TTP was to limit the economic influence of China in the region.