The AKM requires to recalculate the tariffs of mobile operators

АКМУ требует пересчитать тарифы мобильных операторов

The estimated period of the mobile operators in 4 weeks of wrongful – AMC

A representative of the Antimonopoly Committee finds a violation of the operators ‘ 4-weekly billing of mobile communication.

The estimated period of 4 weeks, last year was installed by mobile operators in their plans, contrary to the logic of the law. This was stated by the Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) Maria Procyshen on his page in Facebook.

“Regarding the cases opened under article 1 of the law On protection against unfair competition. My position remained unchanged. I have a deep conviction that the consumer in order to be able to compare prices and make the decision more profitable tariff plan, you need to have a single payment period is a month. As well as the cost for voice telephony installs in minutes (even if is charged per second). Based on this and the position of the law, which set billing period – month,” said Procyshen.

The Commissioner of the AMC noted that in the framework of the monthly settlement period, the operator may, if necessary, change tariffs, fullness of the tariff plan – list (package) of services, their duration. But not the estimated period.

According to Procyshen, after the excitement of the AMC case there is a tendency to return the mobile operators to monthly billing, which further shows signs of violation with the installation of a 4-week billing.

“Based on the fact that the signs of disturbances in the establishment of a 4-week billing, in my opinion, there are, as well as taking into account the first pulses to return to monthly billing, I consider it appropriate to give all mobile operators are required to consider the recommendations (with a clearly defined period of time for performance) of the termination, which contain signs of violations. The final decision will be taken by the AMC at its meeting,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that since may 1, the Ukrainians were allowed to change the operator without changing number. Ukraine’s mobile operators has launched a service for porting.

Recall of mobile subscribers in Ukraine to 2018 consisted of about 54.7 million – more than ten million more than the population of the country.

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