The AMC checks the gas companies because of the additional charges in the payment

АМКУ проверяет облгазы из-за доначислений в платежках

Actions of regional gases will be tested for compliance with the legislation on protection of economic competition.

The Antimonopoly Committee began a review of operators of gas distribution networks due to additional accruals in the payment for gas with reduction of consumed volumes to standard conditions. This was reported on the website of the AMC.

The actions of the gas companies plan to test for compliance with the legislation on protection of economic competition.

In the fall of 2018, the majority of regional gas companies in the payment implemented additional domestic consumers volumes of gas on average to 1.5%, which took into account the difference in the reduction to standard conditions.

Metering of natural gas at the point of transfer of gas from the transmission system to the gas distribution system automatically perform measurements under standard conditions (20℃), but the gas meters to the domestic consumers do not carry out such a temperature correction of the volume and measured at the actual ambient temperature. As a result there are losses of gas, but they’re already accounted for NKREKU when calculating the rate.

Therefore, the national Commission was forbidden to exhibit bills for gas conversion to standard conditions.

We will note, yesterday the Cabinet decided to return the gas rate of 3.3 cubic meters for consumers without meters.


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