The AMCU fined the Directorate “Inpredkadry” 470 thousand UAH for abuse of monopoly position

АМКУ оштрафовал дирекцию "Инпредкадры" на 470 тыс. грн за злоупотребление положением монополиста

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine fined the Directorate “Inpredkadry” 470 855 thousand UAH for abuse of monopoly position. About it reports a press-service AMKU.

“The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine recognized that the state enterprise “General Directorate maintenance of foreign missions” in the face of the Directorate “Inpredkadry” occupies a monopoly (dominant) position in the market handling and storage of labor books of employees of foreign representations in the city of Kiev with a share close to 100%, and for abuse of this situation has imposed a fine in the amount of 470 855 UAH”, – stated in the message.

AMC has taken this decision at its meeting on 13 December.

It is noted that the company has committed a violation in the form of abuse of monopoly position on the market management service personnel work in terms of maintaining and storing employment record books of employees of foreign representations in the city of Kiev by establishing such prices and terms that would have been impossible in the conditions of considerable competition on the market.

“Violation is the establishment of an economically unjustified high cost of the service recording and storage of labor books of employees of foreign missions in the period from 2012 to October 2016”, – explained in AMKU.

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The Ministry recalled that the case of the breach was initiated in connection with the failure of GP “GDIP” recommendations of the Committee dated January 26, 2016, which the company was required to set at economic levels in the national currency value of each component of comprehensive services “making work military service of citizens of Ukraine in foreign missions” and “making work nevoennyh of Ukrainian citizens in foreign missions,” and also include the possibility of payment to the foreign representation of only those components that were actually received.

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