The amendments in the bill Grineva very beautiful for corruption – Sobolev

Поправки в законопроекте Грынива очень красивые для коррупционеров, – Соболев

The amendments provide a bill of people’s Deputy Igor Gryniv about restricting access to information about the income of officials, a very simple and beautiful to the corrupt. This was in the “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said MP of Ukraine, head of Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption Yegor Sobolev.

“Now is the perfect time, when we put corrupt zugzwang (a position in checkers and chess, where any move of the player leads to a deterioration of his position – ed.). Every step leads to defeat. If they don’t fill the Declaration it is a criminal liability. And now check the property very easy because we opened all registers of real estate, land and cars. If they fill the Declaration it is a criminal responsibility”, – said Sobolev.

The MP added: “It (Grineva – ed.), the amendment is very simple and very beautiful to the corrupt. Especially top corrupt officials keep stolen assets in cash or through the purchase of expensive objects of art, primarily paintings. I would not be surprised if requisitioned all the paintings at our corrupt officials, we will own the Louvre, because there is a picture of the world level. As it is very easy to hide. It is very expensive. It is growing in value, unlike houses, jets, yachts. The real art is constantly increasing in price. All this information Igor gryniv offers to hide from the public”.

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We will remind, 29 Sep MP Ihor Hryniv registered the bill number 5192 proposing to amend a system of e-Declaration regarding publication of the income of the declarants. In particular, the explanatory note says: “it is proposed to establish that certain data, which are specified in the Declaration, namely, information about valuable movable property, the cost and size of the gifts, cash assets, including cash, funds loaned to third parties, the assets in the precious (banking) metals, financial obligations, expenses and all transactions completed during the reporting period, and the like, will treat the restricted information and cannot be published”.

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on tax policy Nina Southerner supported the bill Grineva about restricting access to information about incomes of officials.

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