The American company entered the gas market of Ukraine

Американская компания вышла на газовый рынок Украины

The national Commission has issued a licence to the company Railston energy

Railston energy (Kiev), which belongs to the American TrailStone group of companies, received license from the National Commission of regulation of energy and utilities.

The national Commission of regulation of energy and utilities has issued a license for the right of implementation of economic activity on supply of natural gas the company Railston energy (Kyiv), belonging to an American group of companies TrailStone. The decision was taken at the Commission meeting on Tuesday, January 16, write Ukrainian news.

Note that the national Commission has already issued more than 350 licenses for the supply of gas to Ukraine. In particular, received a license the world’s major companies and traders in the face of Trafigura, Engie, MET, DufEnergy.

Earlier, the Ukrainian subsidiary of the international energotreydera with registration in Switzerland Energy AOT – AOT energy Ukraine has received a license to supply natural gas.