The Americans transplanted the penis of a dead man

Американцу пересадили пенис мертвого мужчины

The operation was carried out in connection with cancer.

64-year-old resident of the United States to Thomas Manning from Halifax was transplanted into the penis of the dead man. According to the Guardian, such an operation in the US was held for the first time in a hospital in Boston.

It is known that doctors have removed Thomas own penis in connection with cancer. The doctors said that the transplant organ is successful.

Currently the patient feels well. In the first weeks after surgery he has no problems with urination.

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The patient noted that he is in good mood. He also hoped that in the future will be able to improve his sexual function.

“I want to be the person I was before,” – said in comments the New York Times manning.

Earlier it was reported that neurosurgeons first transplanted the head of a monkey.