The amount of prize money in the Europa League

Сумма призовых в Лиге Европы

The League Cup Of Europe

UEFA announced the prize amounts which will be to the team this season.

Fixed prize for the season 2016/17:

  • Basic benefits for all 48 clubs in the group stage: at 2.6 million.
  • A bonus for victory in a group match: 360 thousand.
  • The bonus for a draw in the group stage: 120 thousand.
  • Unused funds (120 thousand on each draw) will be summarized and redistributed among the clubs playing in the group stage, in proportion to the number of victories won by them.
  • Each winner group will get another 600 thousand.
  • Each holder of second place in the group – 300 thousand.
  • Each member 1/16 – 500 thousand.
  • Each participant of the 1/8 finals – 750 thousand.
  • Each participant of the 1/4 finals – by 1 million.
  • Each party 1/2 final – at 1.6 million.
  • The winner of the Europa League will get another 6.5 million, and the finalist – 3.5 million

In addition, there are not a fixed payment (EUR 160 million), which will be distributed later depending on the marketing appeal of the clubs and football associations.

Recall that in the group stage of the Europa League will take the Ukrainian Shakhtar and Zorya, who learned yesterday of their rivals.

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