The amount of the sale of the subsidiary of “Sberbank” in Ukraine reduced for a speedy sale.

Сумму продажи дочерней компании "Сбербанка" в Украине снизили ради скорейшей продажи, - источник

Buyers will pay for the Ukrainian “Sberbank” of about 130 million. that is, slightly less than its capital. Earlier it was discussed about the amount much greater than is proposed now. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to own sources.

It is reported that the transaction amount is reduced in order to as quickly as possible to implement it. Influenced the sales process in particular imposed sanctions by Ukraine.

“Initially discussed significantly the higher the amount of the transaction, but the sanctions imposed by the President of Ukraine against Russian banks in mid-March, greatly altered the situation,” – said the source.

In addition, it is noted that in the process of selling financial institution affected community to block the offices of “Sberbank” in Ukraine.

“It became obvious that the “savings” you need to sell, and the seller has made concessions on the price to speed up a deal,” says another source “b”.

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