The Amsterdam court has frozen the assets of Akhmetov

Суд Амстердама заморозил активы Ахметова

Issued an interim order freezing the companies of the businessman, registered in the Netherlands.

The court of Amsterdam took a temporary decision to freeze in the Netherlands the assets of SCM, Metinvest and DTEK, owned by Rinat Akhmetov, writes Reuters.

It is noted that the court made the corresponding decision on 5 January, the procedure for the execution of orders of the District court of Nicosia, which seized the assets of Akhmetov in the amount of 820 million dollars.

“Dutch court issued an interim order on freezing registered in the Netherlands, SKM enterprises, including Ukraine’s largest steel company Metinvest, and the largest private energy coal producer DTEK”, − stated in the message.

The press service of the financial-industrial group SCM, stated that no information was available about new lawsuits against the company.

“We understand that the information relates to the formal implementation of the decision of the Cypriot court in the Netherlands”, − noted in the SKM at the request 112 Ukraine and assured that work in normal mode.

Earlier it was reported that the Cyprus district court has frozen the assets of Akhmetov in the amount of 820 million dollars in the case of Ukrtelecom. The company is a businessman intends to appeal the decision. The next hearing is scheduled on February 27.