The anchor Alla Mazur was diagnosed with cancer

У телеведущей Аллы Мазур обнаружили рак

Alla Mazur reported that she has cancer

The woman stated that begins to fight for his life and urged others not to ignore the test from the doctors.

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Alla Mazur said that she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. On the evening of Tuesday, November 12, she announced on his page in Facebook.

Mazur said that the tumor she passed asymptomatic. She was able to identify due to the fact that doctors have done international Protocol and sent for biopsy.

TV presenter admitted that long hesitated to speak publicly about his illness, but is now written to remind everyone about the mandatory medical examination.

“We need to change attitudes to cancer in the society. Learn to speak about them openly and calmly. The tragedy is to translate to the level of the problem. You can solve. Because it is certainly not runny. But not a sentence” – said TV presenter.

Mazur called on every woman, especially after 45, not to ignore the diagnosis.

“Find time – tested. Preferably in several ways. And even at several institutions. Then the chances for a healthy life increase significantly”, – she said.

The TV presenter is just beginning to deal with the tumor.

“So I decided to tell you. I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. They happen to have asymptomatic. And I’m starting to struggle,” wrote Alla Mazur.

She hoped that the next report on this subject will be about winning. In addition, Mazur said he plans to keep working and “not out of life.”

У телеведущей Аллы Мазур обнаружили рак




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