The Anniversary Of The Maidan. The successes and failures of reforms in Ukraine

Годовщина Майдана. Успехи и провалы реформ Украины

The results of the reforms in Ukraine

In the report the British Chatham House, said that Ukraine had made “several unprecedented steps” to reduce corruption.

In Ukraine on 21 November to celebrate Day of dignity and freedom. Exactly five years ago, thousands of Ukrainians took to the barricades against the arbitrariness of the authorities and korrozii.

British think tank Chatham House released the report of the Work of anti-corruption measures in Ukraine, in which he spoke about the successes and failures of reform.

Since the Euromaidan, Ukraine has made “several unprecedented steps” to reduce corruption, such measures were not solved, no one in the former USSR, excluding Georgia and the Baltic countries, wrote the authors of the study. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Successful reforms in Ukraine

Naftogaz. In 2014-2015 was the reform of state-owned companies for the extraction, transportation and processing of gas, which, as noted, who enriches the elite. Before the reform, the deficit of Naftogaz was nearly six percent of GDP. The difference between the market price of gas and cost of natural gas for the population covered by the authorities through subsidies.

Gazprom is not paid. Fitch placed Naftogaz B-

At the request of the International monetary Fund, the government started to increase gas tariffs for the population. In 2016 Naftogaz first declared profit. This year the company brought in 19.3 per cent of government revenues.

ProZorro. Reform of public procurement electronic platform trading ProZorro left behind non-transparent schemes in the tendering process. Established in February 2016, the system has saved about two billion dollars of budget money.

However, the report notes that ProZorro need to develop, in particular, to get rid of the additional conditions of the tender, which artificially limit the number of potential participants.

To raise tariffs. New ultimatum to Ukraine from the IMF

The Ministry of health. Medical supplies and equipment the government used to buy it through a network of intermediaries. This inevitably increased prices and lost about 40 percent of the allocated funds.

In 2015, the Ministry of health conduct procurement through outsourcing of international organizations: UNICEF, UN development Programme, the British company Crown Agents. Thus the Ukrainian budget has retained more than $ 13 million.

But the study authors warn that excluded from this system providers have moved to the regional level, which can lead to an increase in purchase prices of medicines.

Note that health care reform is the Ukrainian negative among others. The results of the recent sociologicheskogo research, acting Minister of health Suprun was a politician, to which the Ukrainians are worse than others.

Destroyer of myths. Popular tips Suprun

The patrol police. In 2014, significant reforms in law enforcement, in addition to patrol police, the report said, did not happen.

In 2014 he created the patrol police, which now operates in 33 cities. She had a positive reputation as recruited, trained and managed on a higher level than the police force. However, at the moment, the public enthusiasm for the patrol police has weakened.

The failures of reform

Natspolitsiya. Attempts to reform the police system in 2015 to success has not led. The old system, the authors write, turned out to be more sustainable. Which is not surprising because those institutions more than other protivyatsya changes. In the Soviet years, the authors write, they were aimed at maintaining the credibility of the party, and not the rule of law.

The main sources of income for law enforcement agencies “protection” business and other forms of extortion, so they were opposed to democratic control, the report said.

From 70 thousand employees in assessing their suitability in the National police only five thousand were dismissed. In this case, all were able to successfully appeal against the dismissal and was reinstated.

The reform of the General Prosecutor’s office also stalled, including almost failed to separate investigative and prosecutorial functions.

Custom. The launch of “single window” for clearance of goods earned only in October of this year. 150 points of crossing the Ukrainian border creating room for corruption.

Cases artificial delays in clearance of goods and the exchange of data between all authorities are not uncommon, which leads to the emergence of the shadow sector on the border and the various intermediaries that assist in the clearance of cargo.

In August the investigation was published in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which showed that Ukraine because of corruption in the customs annually loses about five billion dollars per year. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov recognized that various non-transparent schemes and smuggling lead to budget losses of $ 3.8 billion.

Privatization. Public land are about 3.4 thousand companies and more than 11 thousand utilities. If the government does not privatize, then Ukraine will not receive assistance from the IMF. The Parliament also stuck the decision to lift the moratorium on sale of agricultural land.

SBU. The security service of Ukraine is extremely opaque, unreformed institution that preserves law enforcement functions, including investigation of economic crimes.

It is much more than intelligence Agency, and suggestions on how to trim its powers, have stalled. He is not accountable to Parliament and is still resisting efforts to include it in the list of security bodies and the defense, which should be monitored
new specialized parliamentary Committee.

It is believed that the SBU plays an important role in the financing and protection of corruption through ties with criminal networks. Inter alia we are talking about smuggling from the uncontrolled territories of Donbass and Prednistrovie.

Military budget. The defense Ministry reported that the secret will be 19.6 percent of ongoing procurement ($3.2 billion). In the United States the figure is 16 percent (or 10 percent of total defense spending). The existence of the secret articles increases the risk of corruption, I believe at Chatham House.


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