The announcement of the main fights of the weekend: Farewell Hopkins, the first defense of the Mustache

Анонс главных боев выходных: Прощание Хопкинса, первая защита Усика tells about the main events of the upcoming weekend in the Boxing world.

The forum, Inglewood (California), USA

Bernard Hopkins (55-7-2, 32 KOs) – Joe Smith (22-1, 18 KO’s)

Анонс главных боев выходных: Прощание Хопкинса, первая защита Усика

The main event of the evening in California will be a fight involving Bernard Hopkins. This time, it seems that 51-year-old American is serious about the gloves, tying a career as a professional. Even before the organization of this fight, Hopkins stated that they do not wish to see in the role of opponent in his final bout, a clear outsider, well, it’s partly a desire come true. The candidacy of Smith for parting is almost perfect. Isn’t that the guy who enough stars in the sky, but cordimana to name language does not turn. In addition, he is motivated enough to ask the age Hopkins noble bashing. No matter how many years was Bernard, the victory over it in any case will raise the quotes of an athlete who will overcome it.

Is there a chance at it? The main advantage of the Smith is that Hopkins has not fought in over two years. In an age when the value is each month is a very long time, because to expect from Hopkins – difficult to predict. If it is a good old Bernard, then the chances of Smith not so much. A veteran of the ring, just connects his opponent with dirty work and a constant struggle, picking up their glasses in malosilka match, few could find an antidote to this recipe. Otherwise, we are waiting for an intriguing confrontation.

It is hard to believe that Smith will be able to knock out the opponent, too good protection Hopkins. Therefore, if the advantage of a younger athlete will be there, Hopkins will have to go into open battle, and here we can see the main intrigue of the match.

Anyway, I would very much like to see the legendary Hopkins said goodbye to the career of a boxer with dignity and triumph.

Forecast Victory Hopkins (UD)

Oleksandr Usyk (10-0, 9 KO’s) – Thabiso Mchunu (17-2, 11 KO’s)

Анонс главных боев выходных: Прощание Хопкинса, первая защита Усика

It’s high time the debut of Alexander Usik in the American ring. This will also be the first title defense for the Ukrainian, which he won, defeating Krzysztof glowacki. We have previously represented the opponent of the Tendril, and therefore only go for the pre-match scenario.

That today expects Mustache and what its job is? In addition to the victory, to which all are so accustomed, Alexander must demonstrate the level of Boxing to win a local audience. Fussy and used to a high standard the Americans may not give a second chance for Ukrainian, but because today largely defines the day. The more and the evening of Boxing is picked up by the evening, the main event which will be a farewell fight Bernard Hopkins.

However, adding that with such a rival as Mchunu to fight bright is very problematic. This is a very viscous fighter that something even can be called a spoiler. With such barb is still to fight was not possible, because the opponent’s choice to debut in the United States is not very good, but as said the first President of Ukraine “we have what we have”. Besides, the Crimean likes to call on new challenges, and therefore may once again exceed the expectations of the fans will win and another great win. Anyway, he calls not to sleep at five in the morning to support him at the TV screens. Video broadcast of the match on inter channel.

Forecast Victory Cirrus (TKO)

Ekaterinburg-Expo, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Alexander Povetkin (30-1, 22 KO’s) – Berman of Stavern (25-2-1, 21 KOs)

Анонс главных боев выходных: Прощание Хопкинса, первая защита Усика

Today in Ekaterinburg will finally be long-awaited by many Boxing fans the return of Alexander Povetkin. Yes, after a year of downtime and a doping scandal, the match to call it back. The Russians immediately has a chance to win the title of interim champion of the world at the most prestigious version (WBC), and note that it has quite a good chance.

Yes, Berman of Stavern dangerous puncher, but even visually, its physical shape is not impressive. It seems that all of last year, after a previous bout with derrick Rossi, canadian vacationing, eating hamburgers, drinking coke, and doing God knows what, but not trained. More or less in the form he only came to the fight. In General ,what can we say, Stern was never that hyped boxer in the former Soviet Union, but because he comes to Russia, though as an outsider, but the role of dark horses. If he manages to get tight (far from perfect, the protection of the Russians), it will be in difficulty. Sam Berman also promises to knock out the opponent, if this does not happen, then the Berman not so many chances. With all the mixed feelings towards Povetkin and his team, to their credit, because since the crushing defeat of the Russian Klitschko significantly increased. This applies to physics, and endurance, and matching operation. Victory over the World, Takuma, Peres and Vach looked very impressive. Another thing, it is not clear how it will affect such a long pause and the notorious doping scandal.

Anyway, to the match both athletes be approximately equal, and given this and the fact that Povetkin will fight at home, we will give preference in favor of Alexander. But expect a Ko victory this time, if Wilder managed to cut Stiverne, the knight is not Shine even more.

Forecast Victory Povetkin (UD)

Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland

Robert Helenius (23-1, 14 KO’s) – Gonzalo Omar Basile (68-11, 31 KO’s)

The night of Boxing will take place today in the North of Europe. In Helsinki Boxing fans do not expect anything extraordinary. The main event of the event will be a duel for a belt of the champion of Europe between Edison Tatli and Manuel Lansiya. However, for some reason, seem much more willing to appear and look at the fight Robert Helenius, who will speak here on the undercard. Northern Nightmare will face Gonzalo Omar Basile (68-11, 31 KO’s). Despite the pedigree, the Argentinian is not dangerous for Finn, because here you can expect a confident victory Helenius, perhaps even in the early rounds.

Forecast Victory Helenius TKO

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