The antitrust fined Privat

Антимонопольный оштрафовал ПриватБанк

PrivatBank was fined for failure to provide information AMCU

The Bank Kolomoisky violated competition law.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine fined Privat on 247,8 thousand hryvnias. According to the press service of the AMC, the penalty imposed for two violations of competition law.

“PrivatBank… fined for two violations of competition law in the form of failure to provide information upon request of the Chairman of the Committee at a set time”, – stated in the message Department.

Gontareva did not preclude nationalization Privat

Earlier AMKU initiated proceedings against Privat for failure to provide information containing banking secrets. Thus, the Agency has requested such information from the Bank, but the Bank refused to provide such information.

Information requested by the AMCU as part of the investigation on signs of the Commission of the company “Ukrtatnafta”, “NPK-Galychyna”, “Galata”, “th Prikarpatzapadtrans”, “Kotlas”, “Polygonal”, “Garant-UTN” violations of legislation on protection of economic competition.