The APU will work with the “Javelin” may 2

ВСУ начнут работать с "Джавелинами" 2 мая

Antitank missile system Javelin

The practical work of the Armed forces of Ukraine with anti-tank missile complexes American production Javelin will start on may 2.

Practical training of antitank missile complexes “javelin” (Javelin) in the Armed forces of Ukraine will begin on may 2. This was announced by the Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak on his page in Facebook.

“This decision (the supply of U.S. anti-tank systems “Javelin” in the Mat – ed.) will allow starting from the theoretical to the practical education of our calculations, “javelin”, which will begin on may 2 at the training centers of the Armed forces of Ukraine and to create a powerful antitank reserve,” he wrote on the evening of 30 April.

The Minister also expressed gratitude to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for “Herculean efforts to obtain anti-tank systems javelin” and the leader of the United States Donald Trump for a positive solution that will significantly increase the defense capability of Ukraine and provide Ukrainian soldiers with modern weapons.

The killer tanks. The United States has put Javelin Ukraine

Earlier it was reported that the American Javelin anti-tank systems have already been delivered to Ukraine.

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