The architectural trends of the present: the results of Architecture & Design Thinking

Архитектурные тренды современности: итоги Architecture & Design Thinking

Trends of real estate and development is rapidly changing. It is very important to keep your finger on the pulse, especially professionals in the industry.

That is why the Ukrainian real estate club for the third consecutive year conducts a forum dedicated to architecture and design thinking. July 26 at IQ Business Center was held a regular event.

The forum was attended by leading Ukrainian and foreign architects, including: Cotto d’este, AVG Group, Danfoss, Archimatika, Baust Architects, UTG, Partner Construction Group.

The Forum conducted a detailed review of trends in the architectural world, and also focus on the design solutions – as in office spaces and housing. Special emphasis was put on the present and future of Ukrainian architecture – what is it? What is relevant and what is not, will the Ukraine to the world level, will catch up with the industry of their eminent foreign colleagues – not so much in developing ideas as in the implementation plan thereof.

The forum was opened by Irina Pulvis, independent strategy consultant and an active follower of the methodology of design thinking. She spoke about ways to find creative solutions for difficult situations, each of which is based on the main principle – empathy. Design thinking makes businesses flexible, fast, and free.


Alex Radanov, head of technical Department at Danfoss Ukraine, presented real examples of how to ensure the safe operation of buildings with the help of ingenious products, Danfoss. Believesin relevant for Ukraine critical moments of the winter period – as to resist snow and ice.

Next, the guests took the owner and founder of AVG Group Andrew voytko. He raised a very interesting and delicate subject, how to turn disadvantages of the projects benefits. Main messages: the budget – not the verdict; quality and professionalism to decide; fill “pakapi” ideas.

Chief architect “Archimatika” Dmitry Vasilyev expressed his authoritative opinion about climate change on the primary real estate market in Ukraine. In his opinion, the ideal situation is when a new apartment is habitable and requires no additional input from architects and designers to become such.

In between sections, members and guests enjoyed a lunch and business networking, where you free form to communicate with colleagues and partners, to strengthen old ties and establish new ones.

Baust Architects Yury Udaltsov, opening the second section, described the state of Affairs in the market of country real estate that concluded: “the Market is pushing us all to the quality.” Ekaterina Zobnina from the company Partner Construction Group told about the peculiarities of the creation of modern offices and possible difficulties that may arise in the process.

Special guest of the forum was the representative of the Italian factory Cotto d’este, Marco Penazzi. The brand has become an innovator in the ceramic industry and has been manufacturing high quality floor and wall coverings in porcelain stoneware of the elite class.


How to make a step forward tomorrow, and what changes are expected of the Ukrainian property in the near future, told the commercial Director of UTG Andrey Ryzhikov. He believes that the future format of architectural structures is a Wellness Life.

Summed up the forum Olga Nightingale, CEO of URE Club. She believes that if we talk about the architecture in Ukraine is a growing need for the aesthetics in urban planning, not only from business, but the layman too.

“The economy of high level architecture not only in the cost of construction of the building, but also the added value in the future. It is an axiom,” she says.
Look forward to new projects and optimistic about the future.


URE Club (Ukrainian real estate club) is a business Association that brings together local and international experts and practitioners of the real estate market of Ukraine. Their overall mission is to develop the market, improve its investment attractiveness and the perception of the international business community.

URE Club has been operating since 2008 thanks to the contributions and partnership agreements.