The army is summed up in one video

Армия подвела итоги года в одном видео

Defense Ministry summed up the year in one video

In 2016, the Ukrainian army of 250 thousand soldiers, today it is one of the largest armies in Europe.

On the page of the Ministry of defense in Facebook appeared the video, which summed up the year for the Ukrainian defence sector. In the caption to the video indicated that its author was made by Stratcom Ukraine.

In the video it is noted that in 2016 the Ukrainian army of 250 thousand soldiers, that is 100 thousand more than in 2014 and is now one of the largest armies in Europe.

Also emphasized that defense spending has doubled compared to 2014. Now the APU has 5 battalions, trained to NATO standards.

The video also estimated that this year nearly 900 of the exercise, the 20 – brigade level. Ukrainian military took part in 10 international exercises.

Set up a joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade. 700 foreign instructors trained Ukrainian soldiers throughout the year.

Also in Ukraine there were special operations Forces, specialty parts and units of information-psychological special operations.

The authors of the video have calculated that since the beginning of ATO years, APU received 8400 new and modernized samples of weapons and equipment.

Only in the course of this year designed 11 innovative designs. Ukrainian military products purchased more than 60 countries.

Earlier this month Ukraine has risen in the ranking of militarization.

Before it was also reported that Ukraine will switch to contract army by 2020.