The army were allowed to purchase their own products

Армии разрешили самостоятельно закупать продукты

The Cabinet authorized the defense Ministry to purchase their own products

This is the first institutional reform of the power system military for 10 years, saying Poroshenko.

The Cabinet gave the defense Ministry the right to make their own list of foods for the military, said the defense Minister Stepan Poltorak in Facebook.

“The government approved the Regulation on procurement of foodstuffs the Ministry of defence. Now purchases will be conducted according to approved defense Department directory products,” he wrote.

The Minister said “this will allow the defense Ministry to determine the need to purchase food within the budget means.”

“The catalogue of food intended for generating a daily menu based on such criteria as embodied energy individuals who eat, and the price of food products”, he added.

The government’s decision said the adviser to the President Yury Biryukov, who is monitoring the situation with power in the army.

“This is a fundamental reform of the system of supply troops, the first institutional reform for 10 years,” – he wrote in Facebook.

We will remind, next year a quarter of the APU will be powered on the system with elements of a buffet. The whole army transferred to the system in 2019.

But earlier, the government approved a new Packed for the Ukrainian army.