The arrangement of the KPVV admingranitse in the Crimea and the line of contact in Donbass it is necessary 100 million UAH, – Blackie

На обустройство КПВВ на админгранице с Крымом и линии соприкосновения на Донбассе необходимо 100 млн грн, – Черныш

Vadim Chernysh. Photo from the archive.

The arrangement of the control points of entry and exit (KPVV) on the administrative border with the Crimea and on the line of contact in Donbas to UAH 100 million, but these funds in the state budget for 2017 is not provided. About it in interview “Interfax-Ukraine”, said the Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernysh.

“We asked for the resettlement of all PPC about 100 million UAH. We asked the Ministry of Finance during the preparation of the state budget that provided money for this purpose that we are working with regional military and civil administrations and the Kherson regional state administration arranged the KPVV. Because of the savings was made a collective decision this money we do not allocate”, – he said.

Blackie said that his Ministry is working with international humanitarian organizations on the development of the KPVV. Due to this they were raised toilets, sheds, organized provision of water. Also, he said, until April 2017 may be implemented by a pilot project for the KPVV arrangement of the modern equipment at the expense of the international donors (possibly with the participation of the office of the high Commissioner for refugees UN humanitarian mission of the European Union and Canada).

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Blackie added that the property, which is currently on PPC, not on balance a single structure, and may be on the balance sheet of the State border service or utilities.

Earlier, Blackie had announced its intention to increase the capacity of the PPC “Marinka” twice.