The artistic Director of the 95 quarter, spoke about the reaction Zelensky jokes about him

Худрук 95 квартала рассказал о реакции Зеленского на шутки в его адрес

Artistic Director 95 Alexander Pickalov quarter

The former frontman of the block 95 and the President of Ukraine called artists and criticized some points in the last show command.

Artistic Director 95 Alexander Pickalov quarter said that President Vladimir Zelensky called after the first concert, which was held without his participation, and chastised the group. He told about it in interview to the Ukrainian Pravda, which was published on Tuesday, September 3.

“After the broadcast rang. I put a couple of issues that bothered him in our speech. But he did not ask about the humor – in the direction of his or the side of Bogdan. He asked why no jingle (song “Every night, there comes suddenly” which usually starts the program – ed.). Purely technical issues he was interested in… called the Wife (the Centurion), said: “what there is not, there is not?”, – told Pikalov.

About resented whether Zelensky jokes about the constant Bogdan whisper in his ear: “No, you didn’t. Although I think that… yeah, I Guess, a little stung. But “in for a penny, in the body.”

Also the artistic Director of the 95 quarter said that overall the team without Zelensky lives in different ways: somewhere difficult, somewhere a little easier. Earlier, the team worked on one of frontman, and now there are three or four. Therefore, the “kvartalova” now there is creativity and there is a “little uncertainty”. But, according to Pikalov, while there are very good numbers of views.

He also says that after he left Zelensky, in the Quarter there was no struggle for positions.

Too soft. As the Quarter joking over Zelensky

Earlier it was reported that 95 Quarter for the first time made a joke about the new President. In particular, the entertainers made fun of some of the actions of Vladimir Zelensky and head of the presidential Administration Andriy Bogdan.

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