The artists are part of the conflict with Russia, no more and no less than the rest

Артисты являются частью конфликта с РФ, не большей и не меньшей, чем остальные

Vlashchenko: Today our guest is the frontman of the band “Haydamaky” Alexander Yarmola.

Good evening. You sang in the Opera, was engaged in a style of heavy metal, sang in the choir of the Rope. How do you decide that you need to deal with the group?

Yarmola: We was a kid listening to rock. In my environment this was a very popular rock and roll was banned, this was the late ‘ 70s. We listened to rock, love rock, by the way, listened to “the time Machine”. With Makarevich and now maintain friendly relations since that time. During his school years, not knowing that I would be a rock performer, I too once dreamed. After school I entered the construction Institute, although I wanted to go to College of physical education, but the parents were against it. I am grateful to my parents, I finished school pretty good because I liked to draw and played sports. And loved rock music. When I was in College, began the first attempt to sing rock. Then we very fishy sang, played on bad instruments, but it was all very frankly. Money that we earn not even dreamed of – it was all done from the heart. And so gradually, step by step, it evolved. One of the adults noticed and said, “What are you screaming is not his voice – come, let your voice put poslushaite”. I went to school Glier, proslushal, and my teachers took. I left the building Institute, I was hard, and he entered the school, continuing to sing non-rock.

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– And at us in the country was a professional rock?

– Have “Brothers hadyukiny” was earned and concerts. “BB” had already begun to give paid concerts and it was a team, I also had a great influence. We went with the guys from “BB” in the same school, so we more or less friends, and their breakthrough in the 80s – it was a surprise for us. We thought it’ll never break, that it will always be for a few friends to mess with, and suddenly the great hall, success. And it also prompted me to search. In the school taught Opera singing – I started researching, listening to Opera music and tried to sing the way taught. When I graduated from College, needed a place to work. For rock, which I did then still do not pay, and the children’s group was falling apart and appeared new.

– What were you earning a living during this period?

– First, anything parents helped, and then entered the choral chapel “Dumka” – Intern-baritone. There was not very interesting, although I respect everything that was done there – I just had not yet grown. Opera singing was interesting. Not the first time he entered the Conservatoire has failed in the examination. Then I went to choir Ropes. I worked there 1.5 years and there was interesting because there was a person Avdeevskogo – despot, tyrant, but a very talented person. The material was more folk, folk music I liked, because early childhood I spent in Chernobyl, and there heard a lot of folk songs. It was also love, which came from childhood. But the second time I entered the Conservatory and graduated.

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– The music you sing, very well known in Eastern Europe. And the network is practically nonexistent. Why is this so?

– We don’t work on communications – we have a PR Director. It is a certain disadvantage – we do it all ourselves, how much time left. Our music is not formatted. When we want to do format things to us somewhere I rotate as we consciously do: make a special radio versions. We started with the festival of music in Europe since the late ‘ 90s – early 2000s was popular after the films of Kusturica, the rapture of the Balkan theme. Very popular were music and other Eastern countries. But it was also music is not for radio, and for live performances for a specific audience, for festivals. And on this wave we came. And in Ukraine, this music is hard to convey, because it is not formatted, not a radio format.

– What is the world rock and post-rock?

– In the world of rock music there are many examples, but they did not reach us. In Germany and France there are plenty of local bands that are your favorite for your audience, gather full halls, but they are not formatted and therefore they do not come here. Here, too, comes only aspect, that broadcasted on radio, what we know. We know about one twentieth of the huge musical segment that exists there.

– How do you evaluate the conflict on the occasion of visits of our artists in Russia? And what can you say about the fact that the national idea, patriotism used as a marketing engine to promote one or another group?

– The first phenomenon I appreciate through the lens of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. He is, he is very deep, and that for many years. The question is, to break, to become an independent country. To the extent independent, in which it is possible today. Possible to navigate between different influences of the geopolitical centers, but still the country won’t be so tied to Moscow, as she was bound earlier. Because of this war, and conflict, and actors also have a part in this conflict no more and no less than all workers in the industry.

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– If you tomorrow would offer 50 thousand bucks for a performance at the party in Moscow – would you go?

– Would not go – because I don’t trust them. And when patriotism is used in business or political purposes – I don’t like. Patriotism, if it is – it is inside. This love for his land, his people. It is not necessary to make to advertise it.

– You had a conflict with the previous composition of the “Haidamaks”. Why from time to time among the artists, there is the topic – who is the boss who needs to withdraw the cash flows?

– It’s natural. It is necessary at the outset to explain that if I do certain things, then these things are of my authorship. Because then people won’t remember a thing.

– In the West, show business is production. There is a producer who thinks that needs to be properly decorated and copyrights. Even, who is the frontman in the band – legislated. Perhaps your fault was that you did not formulate the rules of the game inside their group? What lessons did you learn from this story?

– I have a bad temper, a lot of angles. I learned that these sharp edges should not be. Every person is under the influence of certain conflicts is changing. Draws conclusions. If he doesn’t make conclusions – it is the same mistake comes again.

– You are anti-globalization. Winning this position for a musician?

– Anti-globalism, in my understanding, is not only the nation-state, but also to the fact that there is less influence and control by large corporations, major geopolitical centers. I do not like. I am for freedom of choice.

– These two years, we have shown that we are not wanted. Nobody will fight for us, they want only one thing – that this wave did not reach them.

They pursue their own interests, and that’s fine. Why should they, first and foremost, worry about us? Europe in General and in the EU has its problems, and every nation of Europe has its own problems. Our problem for them somewhere in tenth place. Of course, they realize that it is all unfair and wrong, what’s going on here, but it is far from them.

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– In 2015, you presented the album “the Dill” and he was associated with the war. You were in the East, what’s your impression of the war, from sentiments of people in the territory?

I was only in our territory. Anyone from the other side I did not communicate.

– How will you respond to the fact that the world is changing? How to change your content?

– The world is changing and music is changing. And we are changing. And often changes in the group does not keep up with changes in music and the world. Not sure how it will be, but while we are active and satisfied with what we do. We made three separate programs, we continue to do electrical program. Much less we are an ecommerce program, and what we are most interested in – unplugged. We started to do into this, and we did very well.

– The world is tired of electronic music?

– Unfortunately, not tired. I like to live. I respect electronic music, some of the innovations support, but my love of live music.

– What three would you choose to represent the twentieth century?

– Beniamino Gigli – operatic singing, Robert Lund – rock, Cesaria Evora.

– You are again going on tour?

– Yes, Poland-Germany.

And there are national differences between the audiences?

– Yes, of course. Still progressive audience that comes to our concerts, were almost identical in all countries. And in Ukraine, too. But now Europe is broke on right-wing movements and mood. I do not like it, because it became uncomfortable. For example, in Poland there are already issues.

– Does age matter for musicians?

– Of course, it does. Once, for example, was a powerful male rebels, and now a Groovy grandparents – stylish. But the appeal remains.

– What are you listening to in the car?

– A lot of things, when I have time. I find music to YouTube, downloading it and listening. I listened to a lot of music, and now I’m interested in well produced and, in a good way, of commercial world music.

– That the basis of success lies?

The idea. You cannot ignore the professionalism – but this is the second.

– You have questions?

– What music do you like?

– I love jazz.

Thank you.

Артисты являются частью конфликта с РФ, не большей и не меньшей, чем остальные
Артисты являются частью конфликта с РФ, не большей и не меньшей, чем остальные

Артисты являются частью конфликта с РФ, не большей и не меньшей, чем остальные