The assault will not go? What happens to the Parliament

На штурм не пойдут? Что происходит с Радой

The question of lifting parliamentary immunity can lead to a parliamentary crisis.

The Verkhovna Rada in the last days attracts more and more attention of the Ukrainian society.

Already suffering from a lack of confidence on his actions caused even more criticism.

Initially the MPs refused to vote for the removal of immunity and the arrest of all deputies, against which opened criminal case law enforcement officers.

Then under the walls of Parliament came to the protesters. Now they block off the exits from the Parliament, and Rada is blocked inside the grandstand. understood what was happening in Parliament and outside it.

The Saga of immunity

The PGO suspects of criminal offences six members of Parliament. To make them answerable to Parliament to consent to the withdrawal of these people’s deputies of immunity, their arrest and detention.

However, to this question the deputies approached selectively.

Immunity was removed from Oles Dovgy, which is accused of land fraud in Kiev during the time of Leonid Chernovetsky, as well as from Maksym Polyakov (people’s Front) and Borislav Rosenblatt (Block Poroshenko) – defendants in the famous “amber case”, investigated by the NEB.

At the same time to arrest these MPs Parliament is not allowed. Although Rosenblatt and Polyakov to the Parliament was approached by the special forces of NABOO. How these two negotiate the bribes have already seen the whole country, but Parliament to hold MPs banned.

Evgeny Deydey (people’s Front) and Andrey Lozovoy (Radical party) is not lost even parliamentary immunity. The Parliament refused. These deputies are accused of illicit enrichment and tax evasion, respectively.

Such selectivity of deputies, and, in fact, covering up of MPs caused outrage in society.

The Parliament has only to consider the representation on withdrawal of immunity of another Deputy, Mikhail Dobkin from the opposition bloc. To do that Glad can today. Dobkin accused of fraud s land in Kharkov. He is ready for his arrest in Parliament today came with disturbing suitcases that Packed the Essentials.

Popular protest

Today at the Verkhovna Rada going protesters – up to 1000 people. They demand the abolition of parliamentary immunity and parliamentary elections.

People are holding posters “the Last summer of this Parliament: the abolition of immunity, a new electoral law, early elections to the Parliament of Ukraine to protect the heroes, corrupt officials, Rob is a traitor”, “Let the fight will be our victory, and victory is vengeance” and other.

Later, the protesters lit flares and smoke bombs. Protection of the building of the Parliament stepped up police and national guardsmen.

The protesters this was not enough and they blocked the exits from the Parliament building and the side exit for MPs. In particular, representatives of the party of national body completely blocked the side fence on the Grushevsky street and blocked the car from leaving the inner courtyard of Parliament.

From the side of Sadovaya street and blocked the building of parliamentary committees, which is connected to Parliament by an underground passage. Also, protesters are throwing into the roadway of the street Grushevskogo smoke bombs.

In turn, the police blocked the street and tried to push the protesters from entering the Parliament.

The people’s Deputy from BPP Oleg Barna threw eggs at the walls of Parliament. The gathered protesters asked coming out of the building Happy Barney why he did not vote for the removal of immunity of deputies and arrest.

When he did not answer, the activists pelted him with eggs.

Protest inside the Parliament

Inside the Parliament blocked the rostrum of the parliamentary faction “Samopomich” and representatives of inter-factional parliamentary group of Euro-optimists.

One of blocking the rostrum Mustafa Nayem explained that they want to include in the agenda draft laws on the removal of immunity of deputies and the draft of the anti-corruption court.

“We are going to demand that, while there is opportunity. Yes, they ignore. Yes, they do. Yes, they don’t care. But we are on the right side – our requirements – it is their promise twenty years ago. We are standing,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Parliament continues to work and even to make laws.

All for re-election?

Whether the whole story is the forerunner of the early parliamentary elections?

“Well, except that angry activists will blow up Parliament along with MPs. And to avoid this, we need to meet the attorney General and to remove parliamentary immunity in relevant cases. And if, God forbid, for the deputies, it will break early elections, then, because with the current parliamentarians will begin to lift parliamentary immunity of the voters themselves, and then the cause will be accepted the Prosecutor General’s office, SAP and NAB” – says political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

In his opinion, closer to the election (most likely another) I’m Glad, perhaps, after all, decide on one action associated with parliamentary immunity, – vote for the constitutional changes related to the limitation of the immunity. And then the current scandal, the series will come to its logical conclusion.