The astronaut was removed from ISS video entertaining dawn

Астронавт снял с МКС зрелищное видео рассвета

Dawn, shot from the ISS by astronaut

On Board the ISS you can watch the sunrise 16 times a day. The video was published by German astronaut Alexander Gerts.

German astronaut Alexander Gerts posted on his Twitter page spectacular video of a sunrise, captured from the International space station.

Are you curious about what an orbital sunrise FEELS like? These #timelapse images are real. And they were taken by a human being.

Wie FUEHLT sich ein Sonnenaufgang in der Erdumlaufbahn an? Zeitrafferaufnahmen Diese sind echt. Und sie sind von einem Menschen gemacht worden.

— Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) August 1, 2018.

Due to the fact that the ISS makes one revolution around the earth in 90 minutes, astronauts can see the sunrise 16 times a day.

Spectacular timelapse video shows one of these sunrises.

“You wonder, how does an orbital sunrise on the ISS? Those timelapse shots are real. And they were taken”, – said the German in comments to the video.

Earlier it was reported that was published a picture of the moon that the astronauts took from the ISS.

It was also reported that the USA intends to contain the ISS and I want to shift this task to the commercial partners of NASA.

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