The astronauts played tennis on the ISS

Астронавты сыграли в теннис на МКС

The astronauts on the ISS

Four of the astronauts tried to play tennis in zero gravity at the International comic station.

NASA astronauts gave the space the game of tennis. The match was attended by Andrew Feustel, Ricky Arnold, the Serine Augen-Chancellor and Alexander Gerst. “Space game” was held at the International comic station. It is reported

The astronauts dedicated their game to the opening of a major tennis championship the US Open. So they wanted to attract the attention of tennis players to the problems of space exploration.

From 🚀 to 🌎 @using NASA’s @Astro_Feustel & @delpotrojuan #TMinusNetGeneration

— US Open Tennis (@the us open) August 21, 2018

So the astronauts get to play, tennis Association the United States worked with Andrew Mustela December 2017.

On the eve of the space station, NASA approached the asteroid Bennu. Also the correspondent wrote that the third of the “supertall” can be covered with oceans

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