The atoms in a scandal because of Ukrainization of the Russian school

В АТО скандал из-за украинизации русской школы

In Bahmut, parents are outraged by the violent translation of first graders on the state language of instruction.

In Bahmut (former Artemivsk, Donetsk region) broke out a conflict between the parents of first-graders and local authorities. Officials three weeks prior to the study transferred to the school # 18 in the status of the Ukrainian language.

Only, by the decision of the city Council, on August 10 the state language training was transferred three schools – 14, 17 and 18. The parents of the latter were indignant that they put before the fact in such a short time.

“We wrote last winter, the application for admission in Russian class. In June we were again interviewed on the subject of language learning, and the parents chose the Russian language. And August 15, the teacher announced that both the first class is transferred into the Ukrainian language”, – told Корреспондент.net the representatives of the parent group.

Only 59 people have signed a request to leave the first Russian classes at school No. 18, however, the agreement never came.

According to parents, the coming Russian-language schools are far away from them, and the children will have to carry public transport. What the mayor offered to provide students and their accompanying parents free travel.

According to the law on language policy in Ukraine, the public school is obliged to open classes in the languages of national minorities if at the stage of formation classes to receive enough applications from parents (article 20, paragraph 4 of the law).

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported the calls to put “Russian language” in one of the schools of Kiev.

We will remind that the Ministry of education has simplified curriculum for primary schools, removing from there the multiplication table and evaluation in physical education.