The attack on the Roma: a suspicion coordinator C14 cancelled

Нападение на ромов: подозрение координатору С14 отменили

The court lifted the suspicion with Mazur in the case of the pogrom of the Roma camps on Bald mountain in Kiev

The court granted the petition of the lawyer of Mazur and canceled the message of the investigator on suspicion.

The court reversed the message on suspicion to the coordinator of the radical organization C14 Sergey Mazur in the pogrom of Roma communities on Bald hill in Kyiv. About it it is spoken in court definition.

It is noted that the court satisfied the petition of the lawyer of the defendant and reversed the message of the investigator on suspicion Mazur under part 4 of article 296 of the Criminal code (hooliganism, that is a gross violation of public order based on obvious disrespect for society, accompanied by special impudence or the exclusive cynicism, made with application of fire or cold weapon or other subject, specially adapted or in advance prepared for infliction of bodily injury).

We will remind, on April 22, the radicals of C14 drove of Roma from camps on Bald mountain in the capital and destroyed their tents. The police of Kiev has brought on this fact criminal proceedings under two articles: deliberate damage of property by arson, and disorderly conduct.

Note, November 3, Boryspil court arrested four detainees in the case of the assassination of the Mazur.


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