The attack on the supporters club real Madrid claimed 16 lives

Теракт на клуб болельщиков Реала унес 16 жизней

In Iraq shot profile.

In the Iraqi town of Balad was the perfect terrorist attack on a café fans of real Madrid.

Based in Balad café fans of real Madrid, who attended the institution during the matches of your favorite team.

A group of armed terrorists attacked the club and shot the people who were there. Of the 50 fans 16 died and 20 were injured.

“A group of ISIS terrorists, armed with AK-47, burst into the cafe and began shooting randomly at whoever was inside. The reasons for the attack? They don’t like football, believe that he is anti-Muslim. Such attacks may continue. It’s a terrible tragedy”, – have told about it the President of club of fans of Ziad Subhan AS.

Real have expressed their condolences to the victims and will be released on the next match with Deportivo in black mourning armbands.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that a terrorist attack during a football match in Iraq has claimed the lives of 29 people.

The same news on Sports bigmir)net: the Attack on the supporters club real Madrid claimed 16 lives

In Iraq shot visitors of cafe: 12 dead

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