The attestation Committee of FFU against further participation Hoverla in UPL

Аттестационный комитет ФФУ против дальнейшего участия Говерлы в УПЛ

Next season can pass without the mountain

This season in the championship could be the last for Hoverla Uzhhorod

Previously, FFU issued a decision the Control and disciplinary Committee of the withdrawal from the field 9 points for failure to comply with decisions on payment of debts to their former players. Thus the team Vyacheslav Grozny only 7 points, so it dropped from 11-th to 13-th line of the tournament table of the championship.

However, the woes of the mountain are not over. According to the information of the channel Football 1, of the attestation Committee of FFU for is going to support the issuance of the Uzhgorod club certificate for participation in the next drawing FDA.

Point in the issue of the certificate of Hoverla will be delivered next week, and, most likely, the decision will be made not in favor of the locals.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that according to Vice President of Goverla Oleksandr Shufrich, if the club cannot negotiate with the players about debt restructuring, we will cease to exist

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