The auditors found no theft at the Eurovision song contest-2017

Аудиторы не обнаружили хищений на Евровидении-2017

Eurovision without theft

Was detected only minor violations.

The national public broadcasting company of Ukraine, organized the Eurovision-2017, has not resorted to systematic violations and abuses, who would have testified about the theft of public funds. This was stated on Wednesday by the Chairman of Gosnautilus Lydia Gavrilova, UKRINFORM reported.

“The state Audit service when holding control activities were not found systemic violations of the law or abuse who would testify about the embezzlement of public funds in the conduct of the song contest”, – said Gavrilov.

According to her, the discovered violations involve minor issues of the cost of cleaning services, handling technical equipment, and provision of automotive services.

“It is a violation, which can always be,” she said.

Gavrilova has denied information about the alleged discovery of other violations for a total 468,7 million. In her opinion, it is not about the violation of law and wrong interpretation of accounting.

She also reported that the materials of audit are transferred to law enforcement authorities and to the Cabinet.

Recall that in the course of inspections of accounting and when purchasing at the Eurovision song contest-2017 revealed violations totaling 468,7 million.