The Australian, transplanted the big toe from foot to hand

Австралийцу пересадили большой палец с ноги на руку

The surgeons moved the finger Zack Mitchell from foot to hand

Farm worker suffered from raging bull.

In Australia, the 20-year-old farm worker Zack Mitchell suffered from the actions of the raging bull: the surgeons were unable to save thumb on his right hand and used its counterpart on the foot as a replacement. Mitchell was injured in April, when the bull with a force shrank his hand in the fence of the corral.

As noted by Sam Mitchell immediately after the incident his colleagues at the farm tried to save the finger. “They threw it in a cooler with ice,” said the young Australian. He was transported by helicopter to the state capital, Perth.

Mitchell had three months to undergo two unsuccessful operation, during which doctors tried in vain to return his severed limb in place. But then the surgeons found an unorthodox way: they convinced the young man that the transplantation of the big toe will return to his palm lost functionality.

Mitchell at first refused, a long shot, but then agreed, and two weeks ago at the Sydney eye hospital held a rare operation that lasted more than eight hours.

Mitchell now are waiting for 12 months of rehabilitation, but he wants to return to work cattle.

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