The Austrian foreign Minister called for the financial pressure on countries that refuse to accept the refugees back

Глава МИД Австрии призвал к финансовому давлению на страны, отказывающиеся принять беженцев назад

The Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria suggested to exert economic pressure on the country for refusing to accept the return of their compatriots who have not received refugee status in EU countries. As reports Deutsche Welle, such measures could be a limitation of the size of international aid from the European Union.

“Many countries are simply not interested in the fact that we were sending back their citizens,” said Sebastian Kurz. According to the head of the Austrian foreign Agency, the reason for this situation lies in the fact that remittances from Europe immigrants from these countries is an important source of foreign exchange earnings. Therefore, we need only to threaten such measures, according to Sebastian Kurtz, as this will lead to a change of position.

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We will remind, in September 2015, the borders of Austria was a regime of “enhanced border control”, which was supposed to limit the influx of illegal immigrants. In November 2016, the EU Council adopted a resolution which recommends extension of temporary control at internal borders of the Schengen area for 3 months.