The authorities are not interested in Nasirov testified – lawyer

Власти не заинтересованы в том, чтобы Насиров дал показания, - юрист

Roman Nasirov

Well-known Ukrainian lawyer Andrey Fedur believes that the authorities are not interested in the fact that the head of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov gave testimony in the case of gas fraud. He declared to the edition “Ukrainian news”

“It’s hard for me to assess these events, as I do not own the materials of the case. Therefore, I can only Express my private opinion, not as a lawyer. Whoever did this situation Nasirov, is not exactly his friend, but rather, is his enemy. It reminds me of a very dangerous situation as it was with the Feret (Eduard fere, a former Lieutenant General, a witness in the Gongadze case, – UN), when he spent a few years in a coma, never giving testimony as a witness,” said Fedur.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities are not interested in Nasirov gave his testimony in the case in which he is held suspect.

“I believe that the relatives Nasirov must do everything necessary to avoid doubt about his state of health. In the higher echelons of power there are people who are not interested in Nasirov gave evidence. This is all my personal opinion,” – said Fedur.

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