The authorities of Serbia are outraged by the statement of the Prime Minister of Albania on a possible Alliance with Kosovo

Власти Сербии возмущены заявлением премьера Албании о возможном союзе с Косово

Prime Minister of Albania Eddie Frame

Prime Minister of Albania Rama Eddie announced the possibility of a Union with Kosovo, which angered the Serbian government, the newspaper reports Euractiv.

The publication notes that the issue of borders in the Western Balkans remains very sensitive after the wars of the 1990s years. All countries in this region intend to join the European Union. The prerequisite for membership is good neighbourly relations between them.

European integration must become a stabilizing factor in the Western Balkans, but the region is gradually losing faith in the possibility of joining the EU and believes that its leaders are less and less interested in it.

Previously, Eddie Rama said that if Albania will not be accepted into the European Union, “we can not exclude the unification of the country with Kosovo”.

“If Europe closes its door to Kosovo, all Albanians of the region will live in one country in order to continue integration into the European family”, – said the leader of Kosovo Hashim Thaci.

In turn, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic said that it was “another proof that the creation of” greater Albania “is a big threat to peace and stability in the region and entire Europe”.

He also protested the silence of the European Union and the United States at a time when “Serbia was under threat.”

Earlier at the summit in Brussels, the Kosovo authorities and Serbia agreed about the dialogue about the normalization of relations.

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