The authorities will extend the deregulation of food prices

Власти продлят отмену регулирования цен на продукты

The Cabinet will extend the abolition of the state regulation of prices for products

An experiment on cancellation of state regulation has been successful, the Prime Minister said.

Government extend the abolition of state regulation of prices for food products after 1 January 2017, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“We are absolutely abolished price regulation, as the practice showed, today it was a corrupt system used to create restrictions, no it is not adhered to, does the market price it had no effect, but the official gave no influence on the real sector, the real entrepreneurs,” he said.

“We are completely abolished, and we believe that this experiment, which began on 1 October, today turned out to be justified, and we will continue to persevere,” he added.

We will remind, state regulation of prices for products in Ukraine abolished on 1 October. It was reported that within three months will study the dynamics of prices, and the results of monitoring will be decided about the cancellation, limitation or update of such regulation.