The authors of the film on MH17: Russia didn’t want to imagine their point of view

Авторы фильма о MH17: Россия не хотела представить свою точку зрения

The BBC has reported that working on a new film about the theories of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donetsk region, the film crew has visited Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands and the United States, and the majority of witness testimony confirms the version that the plane was shot down by a missile “Buk” of the Russian production.

A few weeks journalists held in Ukraine, went to the scene of the accident, were in Donetsk and the surrounding area.

“For me, an important result of the trip to Ukraine was that we were talking not only with those who claimed to see another plane in the air (at the time of the accident). We also spoke to people who said they saw a missile launched from a small neighboring town called Red October. There were also those who saw just the moment of the explosion, but did not see any other aircraft in the sky,” said filmmaker Mike Rudin.

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He noted that some of the interviews were made anonymously, but the sides were many, and they expressed different points of view.

“If you add up all the stories, their testimony confirms the official version: the Boeing was shot down by “Buk” of the Russian production, released from the territory controlled by the rebels,” – said Rudin.

According to him, the creators of the program were extremely surprised that the Russian side does not hurry to convince his innocence to the world community, despite the serious allegations.

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“We asked the Russian foreign Ministry about the interview, but they declined. We also requested a meeting with representatives of the company “Almaz-Antey” – the developer of anti-aircraft systems “Buk”, but they didn’t want to talk to us. We held in Moscow a week in advance and requested the interview, but we were refused. We were surprised, we thought that people want to Express themselves, to present their point of view, but they decided otherwise”, – the journalist noted.

He added that from the Ukrainian side the situation was opposite, and interviews about the events with MH17 gave even at that time Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

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“In General, the Ukrainian side was more open and willing to dialogue”, said Rudin.

The journalist added that the investigation was difficult even from an emotional point of view, as he had to meet with the relatives of the victims.

“Two-thirds of the victims were Dutch. We met with many relatives, with two families recorded a great interview. All they want the truth was established. They are overreacting, when a party refuses to provide information or, as sometimes in the case of Russia, gives false information”, – concluded the author.

Information about the new film dedicated to the Downing of the Malaysian plane appeared Sunday, April 24. The BBC has denied reports British tabloid the Sunday Express that in a new film about the theories of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donetsk region blame for the incident lies with Ukraine.

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Raney Alexei Pushkov, the head of the foreign Affairs Committee of the State Duma earlier wrote on his Twitter that the film will allow “closer to the truth about the downed Boeing. A false mask will start to fall off.” Following this, a number of Russian media reported the announcement of the film, as saying: “a Ukrainian fighter jet had shot down MH17”.

Note that British newspaper Daily Mail also published an article about the documentary film, voicing the version about the Ukrainian fighter. The article of the journalist poppy Danby was called “MH17 shot down a Ukrainian fighter? Documentary BBC claims that the Boeing 777 may have hit another plane”.

We will remind, the film is “Who shot down MH17?” directed by Mike Rudin, will be released may 3 on the BBC.