The average salary in dollar terms reached the level of 2013

Средняя зарплата в долларовом эквиваленте достигла уровня 2013 года

The average salary in Ukraine in March was UAH 237 10

In Ukraine the dollar equivalent of the average wage reached almost pre-crisis level in 2013.

The average wage in Ukraine in March 2019 in dollar terms almost reached the figure of March 2013 and made 10 of 237 UAH, or $ 385. It is reported by the government, Ukraine Now in Facebook.

“The average wage of regular workers of enterprises, institutions and organizations in March 2019 was 10 237 UAH, which in dollar terms amounts to 385 USD and 21% more than last year. Average wages in March 2019, almost reached the figure for 2013, when it stood at 3212 UAH 394 USD. respectively”, – stated in the message.

So, according to the infographic Now Ukraine, the average salary in Ukraine in dollar terms in March, 2013 amounted to $ 394., in March 2014, the 278 dollars 2015 – us $ 172., 2016 – $ 195., 2017 – 252$., 2018 – $ 318.

The report notes that the data of average wages by regions of Ukraine in 2002-2019 years taken from the State statistics service, average salary over the 2013-2019 years in dollar terms indicates the average rate of the commercial banks for the period.

Средняя зарплата в долларовом эквиваленте достигла уровня 2013 года


Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine for the year the average wage rose by 22.1% and amounted in March 2019 10 thousand UAH 237.

It was also reported that Ukraine has sharply increased wages in the agricultural sector.


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