The average salary in Ukraine increased by 22% for the year

Средняя зарплата в Украине выросла на 22% за год

The average salary for July has become 5374 UAH

The highest wages in Kyiv, on average – 8649 hryvnia.

The average nominal wage of full-time employees in Ukraine in annual terms increased by 22.4%, amounting to UAH 5374, while in June it was 5337 UAH, may – 4984 UAH, April – 4895 UAH, March – 4920 UAH. This is stated in the report of the state statistics.

Real wages in Ukraine in July 2016 compared to 2015 year has increased by 14.8%, compared with June 2016 – 0.9%.

The highest wages in July was recorded in Kiev – 8649 UAH, the lowest – in the Chernivtsi region – 4028 UAH.

According to authorities, the largest increase in average wages of full-time employees in July of this year compared to July of 2015 were observed in Cherkasy (31.5%), Ternopil (30.1%) and Kyiv (by 30%).

Средняя зарплата в Украине выросла на 22% за год


In the Donetsk and Lugansk regions (excluding part of the area of the ATO) wage growth amounted to 9.9% and 29.8%, respectively.

The highest average wages are traditionally recorded in the workers of the aviation industry – an average of 25 thousand UAH 209 per employee. In second place are the financiers and insurance agents – 10 386 thousand UAH.

Low wage workers mail and couriers – 2 872 thousand UAH. The average salary in agriculture is 4 thousand UAH 451.

Note that for the year also significantly devalued the hryvnia. In July 2015 the average exchange rate of the NBU decided to 22 hryvnia per dollar. Now the official exchange rate of UAH 25,4.

Earlier it was reported that 60% of rabotodatelei Ukraine keep wages in the “shadow”.