The Bank of England will release the money from polymers

Банк Англии будет выпускать деньги из полимеров

New notes will come into use no earlier than 2020.

The Bank of England to issue of new banknotes in denominations of 20 pounds will use a polymer substrate. According to the report of the Central Bank, the relevant agreement was signed with companies CCL Secure Limited and De La Rue.

It is expected that the new banknotes will enter circulation in 2020, however, according to contacts, the supply of polymers will begin next year.

Earlier this year the British Central Bank made the final decision not to change the composition of the polymer material from which made banknotes of the new sample.

This caused some unrest among the people, particularly vegans and some religious groups urged the Central Bank to abandon the issue of notes of this material, as it became clear that in banknotes contains a small amount of solid fat produced from the meat products. According to the Bank, the contents of these fats usually does not exceed 0.05%.

The only alternative to animal fats is to switch to palm oil. However, such a step would entail additional costs in the amount of about 16.5 million pounds ($21.4 million) for ten years. In addition, the production of palm oil harms the environment.

We will remind, recently the Bank of England has introduced a new plastic 10-pound bill. On one side of the banknote will depict the writer Jane Austen.