The base Peacekeeper joined seven musicians from Russia

Базу Миротворца пополнили семь музыкантов из РФ

Bards visited the Crimea, violating Ukraine’s legislation.

In the database of the website of the Ukrainian Peacemaker were once seven Russian musicians, performers of bard songs.

It is noted that “Purgatory” Peacemaker joined Anatoly Kireev, Evgenie Chulkov, Raisa nurmukhametova (a pseudonym Raisa Nur), Vyacheslav Kovalyov, Larissa Brohman, Mikhail Bashakov and Tatiana Vizbor.

Musicians violated the state border of Ukraine during a visit to Crimea, where they went to the festival of art song.

Earlier in his public anti-Ukrainian position database of the Peacemaker joins our compatriot, composer Vladimir Bystryakov.